New pretties, and why should you blog?

Aren’t these colors and patterns simply gorgeous dahling?!?

If you’ve forgotten about your little ole’ blog, here are some reasons to jump back on the bandwagon:

1. So that you can keep a journal of your life’s events. Facebook, twitter, and other social networking websites distract us from our blogs because it’s so easy to share a quick thought or event using them! While blogging might take a little more time, it will also give you the bigger reward in the long run. The truth is in the details when it comes to hanging on to life’s memories.

2. You can print your blog as a book to keep forever! Using our awesome blog book creator, all you have to do is copy and paste your blog address into the cute little home page and like magic, your blog is formatted into a beautiful book that you can print for a great price!

3. It’s a little digital home that you can decorate and customize just the way you like! Pick a color scheme or design style that you like and then start perusing through our library of thousands of gorgeous digital freebies! You’ll feel so happy when you finalize the look you were going for!

4. Your friends and family want to check in on you from time to time. With all of the hustle and bustle that come from your facebook and twitter feeds (ie. random posts and videos about things that don’t pertain to the people we love most) why not have a quiet, organized place for your loved ones to come when they want to focus on you.

There’s so many reasons to dust off your old blog and start over!!

Happy blogging!

Ashley and Becky – TCBOTB