Featured Cute Bloggers

It’s time again to feature bloggers who are using some of our newest free designs to make their blogs stand out from the crowd!

We love to see people who are still passionate about blogging even with the onset of so many social networks! It just goes to show that blogging is special. Where else can you journal with text and photos like you can on a blog? And with our fabulousblog book printing services, you can have a tangible copy of your blog in your home!!

But I digress…

Our first featured blog is the Miller’s:

She used pieces of the Orange You Glad collection to deck out her blog. I love how she carefully added a photo of she and her hubby in the banner. Then she tastefully added her last name in text on the side. Her blog highlights her newlywed adventures. Nice job!!!

Our second featured blog is Alix’s:

Alix is ready for summer and donning the Summer Bliss Collection here. A photo, some heart clip art, and text makes her banner stand out from the rest! She blogs about her fun young life and her passion for her religion. Love it!!

Finally we have Dolphina:

Here, she uses the Chillin’ at the Beach banner to add a warm summer beach feel to her blog. She has chosen the minimalist approach by going without the matching background.


    • Sometimes it helps if you switch your template back to minima first then apply the new code…On your dashboard you will need to go to the upper right hand corner and switch to ‘Old Blogger Interface’. Then follow these directions: http://2momstalk.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-get-your-minima-template-back.html. After you are finished you can go back and click at the top of your page ‘try the updated blogger interface’. This will switch you back to the new interface. Now try to apply the template code and see if it works….let me know:)!!

  1. Hi, I was wondering…I’ve made my own blog background, and your tutorial has really helped; thanks a lot! But since your changeover to the new theme, the pictures aren’t there. It was the pictures that really counted and helped me. A friend of mine wants to make her own background too, but she doesn’t know much about how to use the computer–she can do the basics. The way you had it was easy to understand and follow, but now with just words it’s really hard. Would you be able to put the pictures back up? I’ve looked high and low in the internet world, and haven’t found a simpler one. Please? Thank you!


    • Hello! Thanks so much for your comment and for using our tutorial. We are working on updating all the tutorials to be current. We will be sure to have the pictures on the ‘How to make your own background’ tutorial. Give us a few days to update this one:)

  2. I realize this isn’t where I should be asking this question, but I couldn’t find an email address… I just realized that the “Home” and “Older Posts” links at the bottom of my blog don’t work. How can I fix this without completely replacing the codes… I’ve made slight changes to make everything fit/work right and I can’t remember everything I’ve done…

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Hmmm…Leslie, I don’t know the answer to why you could be having that problem. If I come across something I’ll let you know!!


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