Blog to Book FAQ’s

Can I preview my book before I pay?  Yes! Once you type in your blog address click ‘print my blog’. You can flip through the pages digitally.

How to I edit my book?  Once you put in your blog address it will take you to a page where you can click on ‘see all options’.  You will then create a free account.  Once you set up your account click on ‘personalize’

Does the price depend on the number of pages?  Yes, once put your blog address in you will see the total number of pages your book will be.  You will then be able to see the total price.

How to remove the comments from my book:  Once you are logged in click on ‘edit blog entries’.  At the bottom of this page you will see ‘Comments’.  You can click ‘remove’ on the comments you do not want to show up in your book.  If you want to remove ALL the comments scroll down to the very bottom of that box and click ‘clear selected comments’.

Will my slide show photos show up in the book?  No, they will not show up.  You will notice when your preview your book only the text and title from that post will show up.  You can either remove that post from your book, or upload those same pictures to your blog before you order your book (this is what I did, it took some time but it was worth it!).