How to use the “extras” collection packs

We now have free sidebar title images and post divider images!!  This is a fun and cute way to spice up your blog.   You will find them here ‘.  Once you click download under the collection pack you would like to use click save file.  It will save it to your desktop as a zipped file.  Go to your desktop and right click the file.  There will be an option to ‘extract files’.  Click that.  This will save all of the sidebar title images and the post divider image on your desktop.  When you are logged onto your blog go to yourdesign page.  Click on add a gadget, then choose ‘picture’.  Browse the images from your computer and find the image you saved to your desktop marked follow me (to use as an example).  Click save.  Now when you are back to your design page you will need to drag that picture down to be right about the people that are following you.  Click save on your layout page.

**If you would like to put the image directly above a  ‘html/javascript’ box or ‘text’ you will need to click ‘edit’ on that box.  After you upload the sidebar title image to photobucket copy the ‘html code’ that is under the image.  Paste this code on your blogdirectly above that box you clicked edit on.  Save.**

If you have a white background  behind the image you will need to apply it differently.  Upload the image to an image storingsite like photobucket.  Once it is uploaded copy the direct link.  Go to ‘add a gadget’ on the sidebar.  Click ‘picture’ and paste this code in the box under ‘from the web’.  Save.  If you image still has a white background you may need to update your internet.  Instruction found here.  For directions on how to install your post divider image go here.