Why are there so many ads on this site?

Some if you may have noticed a few changes to this site if you’ve been loyal follower over the past year. One of the biggest changes is that there are more ads scattered around the site. Some of you may even think it looks cluttered and more difficult to navigate through.

Becky and I have put many hours of work into designing the free content on this site daily. Our goal is to keep everything free for you (the users) and to continually offer new content for you to dress up your blog. Having these ads on the site gives us the opportunity to do this for you, and we love to do it! These advertisers are an important part of keeping the site, and server, up and running, and so we want to make sure their ads are placed well so that they will be noticed by you. :)

We thank all of your for being such loyal followers to the site, and we hope to continue to offer this to you for a long time. :)

Ashley – TCBOTB