• Ashley (Owner/Designer)

    Hello! I’m Ashley!
    I have a husband who is tall dark and handsome, and two smart adorable towhead children. I love my family. I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For more info on my religion, visit lds.org.
    I have to say I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about how far The Cutest Blog on the Block has come. It all started with teensy tiny idea that kept nagging at me until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So I took the first step of making my small idea into a reality. What happened next was totally and completely unexpected. Thanks to all of you, this has snowballed into something…well…special! I feel happy every day to have the responsibility of helping your blogs to look cute!  I LOVE the people I work with. There’s nothing they can’t do! Thanks for enjoying the ride with us! XOXO! (To read a little more about me you can click HERE)

  • Becky (Owner/Designer)

    Hey! I am a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to 3 adorable kids.  I love being a graphic designer and being able to be creative through my designs.  My passions in life are: my family, my faith (LDS) and traveling.  While traveling we love to surf, snorkel, hike and hit up baseball games (19 stadiums so far!!).  I LOVE working out and the challenge of staying fit.  I enjoy cooking, playing volleyball, long boarding, participating in challenging races like Spartan and pretty much anything that is out doors!  Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me!!

  • Unruly Studios (Web developers)

    We are in this business because we enjoy it. Unruly Studios was built out of a clear necessity to do it a little better than the traditional agency. Our primary interest is to create lasting relationships with clients who can see value in what we are doing for them. That means that through the whole process you get to be injected in the project as much as you want to be. Jump in and look under the hood during the process to see what we mean. We like good work as much as you do.

  • Tenille (Admin. Assistant/Custom Designer)

    Hello there! Im a D.I.Y/craft-aholic who loves doing anything
    that involves being creative (especially blog designing! ;0) I
    love spending quality time with my husband and two boys!
    (Easton & Everett) I was a hairstylist for 6 years until i became
    a full time mommy! (Best.job.EVER! ;0) We love the outdoors/
    camping and are always looking for a new adventure! I love to
    laugh and i love life! It is an honor to be working with these
    fabulous ladies over here at TCBOTB! :0)
  • Alicia (Custom Designer)

    It’s hard to believe but I have 4 wonderful children, Jeron, Jocelyn,Braxton, and Audrina! I love spending time with my sweet kiddos and amazing hubby Sam. We are a busy family of six and are usually going from one activity to the next! I really enjoy being able to design ancreate and it can often be a challenge to unbury me (and the kitchen table) from my latest project. I have my Associate’s in Graphic Design
    and my Bachelor’s in Art Education and am so lucky to be working for TCBOTB! A few of my favorite things are spending time with my family, sleeping in, bathrooms with locks, secret Snickers stashes, and midnight runs. I love anything art and music related including photography, writing, crafting/decorating, dance, sports, and being outdoors and I try to enjoy as many of these as possible in my spare –
    does that really exist? ;) – time!
  • Kassie (Custom Designer)

    Hi! I am Kassie and I am addicted to anything digital! It all
    started back in 2006 when I became a mommy to my adorable
    son, Braden. I wanted to stay home with him, but nap time could get pretty long…So, I started messing around with Photoshop and I fell in love! It became something to just pass the time to my absolute passion! Since then I have welcomed two more wondrful children into the world! Brooklyn who was born in 2009 and Brynlee, born in 2012. I am married to the love of my life and best friend in the world! I am so blessed and excited to be a part of TCBOTB design team!
  • Jenn (Custom Designer)

    Hey! I’m Jenn. Hairstylist and Mommy by day, designer by night. I fell in love with design when I started my own blog in 2007. I then fully immersed myself in learning the in’s and out’s of design and continue to learn something new every day. It has become a sincere passion of mine and I love the creativity and inspiration that comes with it. I am the girliest of girls, but love a great football game. I’m known for being a night owl, a spaghetti connoisseur, and a pro shopper. I am blessed with an amazing husband that helps support me in all of my daily endeavors. I feel so lucky to be a part of the wonderful TCBOTB team!

  • Nikki (Converts WordPress Templates)

    I was born in Utah, met my husband in a chatroom 13 years ago, we got married and moved to MD, then back to UT, and then moved to Seattle for Microsoft. In 7 years of trying we lost 7 babies and then finally had our twin boys via IVF. They are 5, all-boy and about to start kindergarten, yikes! We bought our first house last year and are still trying to make it our own. I love trying to be creative. I love making cakes (thank you TLC) and just started selling Avon to try and make a bit to make those ends meet. I’m so lucky that the amazing girls of TCBOTB took a chance on me and let me convert templates for them! I just love this team!

  • Kerri (Custom Designer)

    I’m a small town southern girl with big city style. I love all
    things boho hippie chic and completely obsessed with mustard
    yellow. I’m married to a southern German (now there’s a
    combination!) and we have 2 cutie pie little girls, Karlie and
    Keniston, who keep us on our toes and make us laugh.  I love
    anything crafty, especially designing blogs and logos. I’m so
    blessed to be able to stay at home with my girls and have a
     job that I enjoy doing! I love being a part of the TCBOTB team!
  • Jana (Custom Designer)

    My name is Jana and I have been a website/blog/graphic/interior
    designer for the past 8 years. I learned how to write computer code while attending college and in trade but dreamed of the day I could combine my love of art with the digital world. That began in 2010 when I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Since then I have created thousands of custom blogs and websites as well as logos, invitations and home décor. My favorite part of designing is hearing my customer’s reactions when they see their digital dreams come to life. When I am not designing I love to cook,sew, run, paint, read, travel and spend time with wonderful husband,Mark, and our 2 year old son, Mason. I am very excited to be a part
    of the design team at The Cutest Blog on the Block. Live what you love!
  • Megan (Custom Designer)

    Hi y’all! I am a southern girl, wife to a wonderful husband, and mother to my beautiful daughters, Mary Grace and Maggie.  I taught for fourteen years and somehow stumbled into blog designing.  I began using Photoshop because I wanted to make posters for my classroom.  Later, I started a teaching blog and found I had as much fun tweaking my blog design as I did actually blogging.  I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to stay home.  I am now filling those school hours with substitute teaching and blog designing.  I am so thrilled to join TCBOTB team!

  • Melanie (Custom Designer)

    I’m a mom during the day and a part time blogger and designer
    by night.  I also work part time as a trainer at the Apple Store
    {although I have no idea how I find the time!!} I was a teacher for 12 years before my daughter, Sami,  was born in March 2010 and ever since then, I’ve been chasing around the most independent little Princess ever.  I spend my days playing dress up and pretending to be the doctor, the teacher, or a horse!  I met my hubby in high school,but we reconnected 17 years AFTER high school and got married! I’m honored and thrilled to be a part of this design team!  Getting paid to do what I love…not many people are that blessed!
  • Beth (Custom Designer)

    I am a Graphic Designer/Photographer who dabbles in everything art related.  I’ve been designing and taking pictures since my pre-teen years.  I received my Bachelors in 2011 and try to grow creatively every day.  Getting to know so many amazing clients has been my favorite aspect of my work over the years.  I love being outside, hearing someone’s story, and spending time with family and friends.  When I’m not being crafty and creative, I can be found close to nature, live music, and good food.

  • Jennifer (Animation specialist for Blogamation.com)

    I love to say that I am a small town girl but rockin’ this big city! I grew up on a farm in Payson, AZ fulfilling your classic middle child role (not the peace maker role like Ashley but the to loud attention addict one) I have calmed down extremely since those days, trust me! I went to ASU and majored in Visual Communication Design which was scary seeing as how I didn’t even have an email address until college…farm girl remember.
    I have worked around the world doing all different types of design. Including but not limited to Experimental Interactive Design Germany and Flash Design in Singapore. Flash is my current passion and why I love working with The Cutest Blog on the Block so much! The animations they want are so cute and I would never get to work on them otherwise! I am also an amateur boxer. I started about a year ago and will compete in my first official fight very soon! I did it to get in shape and now I just do it because I love it!
    The bast man in the world just asked me to marry him and I am excited to leave the single world behind and start a family!
    Between planning a wedding, training and designing cute things all the time I am a busy lady but could never be happier! Way to go for reading all of that :) and I hope you enjoy the animations!