Jennifer (Animation specialist for

I love to say that I am a small town girl but rockin’ this big city! I grew up on a farm in Payson, AZ fulfilling your classic middle child role (not the peace maker role like Ashley but the to loud attention addict one) I have calmed down extremely since those days, trust me! I went to ASU and majored in Visual Communication Design which was scary seeing as how I didn’t even have an email address until college…farm girl remember.
I have worked around the world doing all different types of design. Including but not limited to Experimental Interactive Design Germany and Flash Design in Singapore. Flash is my current passion and why I love working with The Cutest Blog on the Block so much! The animations they want are so cute and I would never get to work on them otherwise! I am also an amateur boxer. I started about a year ago and will compete in my first official fight very soon! I did it to get in shape and now I just do it because I love it!
The bast man in the world just asked me to marry him and I am excited to leave the single world behind and start a family!
Between planning a wedding, training and designing cute things all the time I am a busy lady but could never be happier! Way to go for reading all of that :) and I hope you enjoy the animations!