How to adjust width of post and sidebar area (Aug. 2012)

I love looking at all the fabulous blogs from around the world and being able to see how creative they are!  While I have been browsing around, I have notice a common theme. Some of these blogs have their posts and sidebars hanging off the center of our cute backgrounds! Well….I’m here to help!  If you see peoples blogs looking like this then you better send them our way:)


1.) Go to your ‘Layout’ page and click on the blue ‘Template Designer’.

2.) Click on ‘Adjust widths’.  You can preview your changes as you increase and decrease the width of your blog and your sidebar.  Once you are happy with the changes be sure to save it by clicking ‘Apply to Blog’.


**Note** I have noticed some people may want more space for the posts so they can post larger pictures.  If this is the case you will want to choose one of of free backgrounds that have the words ‘3 column’ after the background name.  These backgrounds are designed wider (not just for 3 column blogs) so you can make your post and sidebar area wider.  Then you don’t have to worry about your posts hanging off the center of the cute background:)




  1. I used to be able to get your regular backgrounds and they fit perfectly with my blog setup. Now I’m finding that the 3 column backgrounds are too narrow. Have you changed the sizing of your backgrounds? I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, but your backgrounds aren’t working anymore.

    • Hello MMM…we have had a couple people mention this problem. We are working on fixing the coding, sorry about that! I’ll let you know as soon as it is fixed! –Becky

  2. I need help! I am working on redesigning my blog and have been having the same problem. With any background I use, it gets blocked by the huge white box. The white part isn’t just behind my posts, it covers the whole page except for tiny borders where you can somewhat see the background. I’ve tried a lot of your tutorials trying different things to fix the problem. Any recommendations?

    • Hey Courtney! The white box down the center of your blog will show up on all the backgrounds. If you want us to customize it for you we can. Prices start at $15 for customizing backgrounds. We would have to change your template and have just the background with a transparent center….if that is what you are thinking. Let me know:) —Becky

  3. I can’t seem to get the entire background to show on my sides. I love the Red and white polka dot but can’t seem to see it. Help! Very new to creating a blog. LOVE your design. Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Kristen, depending on the size of your monitor you may not see the entire sides of the design. I took a look at your blog and did not see our background on there though…let me know if you have one on and want me to look again:) —Becky

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