How to change your Twitter background or wallpaper (Jan. 2013)

It is fun to be able to customize your Twitter background.  Twitter offers plain and generic backgrounds, but why use those when you can make your Twitter page stand out!!  Here is an easy tutorial on how to change out your Twitter background or wallpaper.

1. Click on the image on your black toolbar.  A drop down menu will come up.  Choose
the Settings tab.  Then choose the Design tab.

2. A page will pop up.  Click on ‘Change Background’ and ‘Choose existing image’. Find the image that you saved on your computer and click on image.  You can customize the colors to match the background.  Finally you will need to click ‘Save Change’.

Your Twitter wallpaper is now updated to the new image! If you would like to change your Twitter Banner to match your background follow THIS TUTORIAL.










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