How to center the gadgets on your sidebar

When you apply a HTML image to your sidebar it automatically shows up off centered, like this:

It is a simple process to fix this!  Go to your ‘layout’ page.  Click on ‘edit’ under the sidebar gadget you want to center.  Add <center> to the beginning of that code and  </center> to the end.  Your gadget will now be centered like this:


  1. Hi there! I’ve been using a lot of your tips and trick and they’ve worked great! The only thing I couldn’t do was center the sidebar gadgets. is there a way do center both the title and image. Also is there a way to replace the horizontal line divider between gadgets with an image? Thanks! Kellie

    • Hi Kellie,

      Sorry for the late response! We do not have answers for you on that as of now, but those are great suggestions for future blog secrets, keep an eye for them soon! Ashley -TCBOTB

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