How To customize your TCBOTB Banner

So you’d like to personalize your banner that you found on our Fashion your Facelift page?

First things first: Follow the instructions under the banner of your choice to save it to your desktop.

1. Open the banner in whatever image editing program you want to use. I’m using photoshop, which can be pretty pricey and difficult to use, so if you’d like to use something easier, you can click here to download or GIMP for free!

2. Open the photos you’d like to use and decide on how you want to lay them out, there are SO many different combination ideas out there, just be creative!

3. Using shapes, map out your layout just how you want it. This allows you to have some trial and error to get the design just how you want.

5. Add text (if you want). Sometimes text can make a banner look too busy, so use your best judgement!

6. Save your banner as a jpeg image and upload it to your blog in the header area!

Now you’re totally cute and customized!

We want to see your new blog design!!! After you’ve given your blog a customized facelift, be sure to post your blog in theCutest Blog Show and Tell forum so other users can see your amazing new design and make comments!


  1. How do you do this with one of your banners that has the frames? I did it a LONG time ago but now I can’t remember. I thought the photo of my family would show up behind the white area in the frame, but I have tried several different editing programs & nothing seems to work. I finally just decided to ask! Even following this tutorial didn’t seem to change anything…

    • Hi Megan, you won’t be able to put your picture behind the frame because of the file type. The only option would be to erase your family pic that goes over the frame, so it looks like it is behind it. Sorry! –Becky

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