How to post pictures on your blog

Do you need help with posting pictures on your blog?  This is an easy step by step tutorial on how to post pictures on your blogger blog!  If you know someone who wants to start a blog, but has no idea how send them to this Blog Secret:  How to start a blog.  Then send them over here and they will be able to start posting on their blog:)

1.  Click on Posts and it will take you to a new page.  Click on New Post .

2.  Type in the title you want for the post.    Then type what you want to say on your post.  You will then click on the insert image tab.

3.  It will take you to a page to upload your photos.  Click Choose files and find the folder on your computer with your pictures in it.  You can upload all the pictures at the same time that you want to go on this post.  I uploaded 3 pictures.  Now click Add selected.

4.  Now you are back to your post page.  If you click on the picture a box will pop up under the picture that lets you change the picture size, center the picture, add caption under the picture or remove the picture.

In my example I made the picture large, centered the picture and added caption.  I like to make my pictures Large or X-Large.  I like how it looks when I  turn my blog into a book.

5.  You can label the post by click on Labels on the right side.  You are probably thinking why would you want to label the post?  Some people will have a label cloud on their sidebar and its nice to keep all your posts organized.  Click here to see how to apply the label cloud to your blog.  Don’t get overwhelmed it is really easy!!

(This is what the label cloud would look like once it is on your blog)

6.  You are now ready to publish your post! Click Publish Post at the top of your page.  Now go check out your fabulous post:)!

Now,  to make your blog super cute!! Click on Layout on the left side of your page.   Go to our site  and find a background or a template you LOVE.  You can scroll through the backgrounds or use the categories  until you find the one perfect for you. Follow the directions and copy the code!  Paste this code on your Layout page by clicking on Add a Gadget.  When the box pops up hit the plus sign next HTML/JavaScript.  This is where you paste our background code in.  Hit Save.  You now have The Cutest Blog on the Block!!

You can also go to our free banner section here to make your banner cute.  You can add some buttons and blinkies.  The directions on how to use these are all under the image once you click on it.  Good luck!  -Becky







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