How to put a banner on your blog (updated Aug. 2012)

If you would like to put a banner on your blog, but don’t know where to start….we will show you how!  This is a step by step tutorial on how to put a banner on your blog.  If you want to use one of our free banners follow the directions under the banner you would like to use and save it to your computer.

 1.  On your Layout page click on Edit text to your header.

2.  When the box pops up choose a file from your computer.

3.  Mark the circle that says Instead of title and description. Then click Save. 

When you view your blog you will see your new banner!  If you are using the new picture window template and your banner is not centered you will need to follow the steps on this tutorial to center your banner!


    • Hi Lori, depending on what size your blog is you will want to design it about 7.5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Then save the image and upload it to your blog. You can use one of the programs we suggested on the how to make your own background tutorial:)

  1. hi! looooooove this site. i have a account. can i use your banners and is it relatively easy to upload the template designs to my site? never done it and i have NO IDEA how. haha thanks!

  2. Hi. I am wondering how to fix a banner so that the white behind it is transparent. I have a colored background to my blog and the banner has white surrounding it in a rectangle. Any ideas? Thank you!

    • Hi Cam-it looks like you got it fixed:) For anyone else wondering about this you will need to save the banner you designed as a png image and not a jpeg image. That way the white will not be behind your banner. If you are using our free banners then you won’t have to worry about white being behind the banner. –Becky

  3. Your banners are just the cutest and most delightful treasure trove. I now have a question: how can I design my own banner? How do you make all the fabulous colours and patterns, and design the little pictures (owl, Christmas tree, etc)? I would love to customise my own. Is there a particular software? Thank you!

  4. I sure hope I can get help with this. I have saved the image to my computer for a banner. However I am getting little squares behind the image and I can’t get rid of them. Please please someone help.

    • Hi Larissa, can you send a link to your blog so I can see what you are talking about? Are you saving your banner image as a png file? That may get rid of the squares behind your image. —Becky

  5. I absolutely LOVE this site!! I am pretty familiar with photoshop but started my new blog today. Your blog has an abundance of helpful info. Anyway, I used the layout tutorial and it worked great! I also used one of your banners and tweaked the colors a bit to match the layout. The only problem I’m having is the big white area aaround it once it’s saved. Should try and make it larger???

    • Hi Crystal! Thanks for checking out our site…your blog looks great! It looks like you banner is off centered so try the tutorial on how to center your banner. I don’t see white space around it…did you fix that already? —-Becky

    • HI Michelle! It looks like you got it to work:)! Your blog looks great! Good job adding the pictures and text to the banner!! —Becky, TCBOTB

  6. Hi! Thanks for the awesome banners! I’m trying to use one, but the tiny gray and white squares are showing up behind it. How do I fix that? I’ve saved and edited it as a .png file, but they still seem to show up. Thank you!

  7. I am having trouble getting rid of the white and grey checkered patter behind my banner. I cannot figure out how to save it as a .png. I am on a Mac and using picasa to add text. When i click save or save as, it doesn’t give me a choice to save as anything other than .jpeg, I’m not sure what to do.

    • Hi Anna, you can save it as a jpeg too, you’ll just have a white background behind it, which is fine if your using it on a banner over a white background.



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