How to use ANY cute font for your blog

Have you ever wanted to use fonts to add a cute, personalized look to your blog? You can change your post title font, sidebar title font, and even the date font. And even if the other person doesn’t have the font installed, they will still be able to see whatever font you chose!  This tutorial has quite a few steps and takes awhile to install…but totally worth it in the end! Amanda over at has a great tutorial on how to do this!  Check it out by clicking here.   Thanks Amanda for this awesome blog secret!

Want to see a couple of examples?  TCBOTB Christmas Cards and 2 Moms Talk


  1. Hi, CBOTB folks-

    I love your templates and the help you give. I’m wondering, though, how to lower the font size on my blog. I love the way everything looks, I just want the font size within the body of each post to be smaller. I do not read HTML code and would love help from your resident genius with this. ;)

    Thanks so much-


    • Hi Kimberly, you can reduce the font size by going to your ‘Layout’ page then click on the blue ‘Template Designer’. Go to ‘Advanced’ and find ‘text font’ you can change the font size here:) —Becky

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