How to turn my blog into a book

I love that you can print your blog and make it into a book!! I use this as my families scrapbook and journal!! My kids love to look through it and see the different vacations and things we did during that year.  I love that it is quick and easy.  You can customize the book as much as you want or leave it simple.   I decided to do an easy tutorial for turning your blog into a book.

1.  Type in your blog address and click Print My Blog.   If your blog is private, no problem!!  It will take you to a new page that will allow you to grant access for shared book to pull up your blog.  Otherwise it will take you to step 2!

2.   If you have more then one blog, this is the page you select what blog you want to print.  Then you will select the date range of what posts you want printed in the book.  I like to print a year at a time.  Next, choose a cute cover for your book! #4 is where you can write a dedication.  In my family blog book a found a cute quote about families and put it in there.  You can change this text later on if you need to.   Finally, click the green box that says Create My Book!

3.  For the next step you will want to choose if you want a Hard Cover blog book or a Soft Cover.  I do my blog books with the hard covers.  With my little ones looking through it I don’t worry about it getting ruined!!   Next, click the green box that says
See All Options.  By doing this you can change the picture on your front cover, add pictures, or remove posts you don’t want on there.
The great thing is throughout these steps you can always click Save and work on the book later.

4.  Sign in on this page to customize your blog book.  If you do not have an account set up yet, set one up.

5.  Click the green Personalize button on this page.

6.  On this step be sure you have the correct box marked for if you want the hard cover or soft cover.   On the left you will see the different options.  I like to click Edit next to each option to make sure the book is how I want it:)  The LAST thing is to click the
green box that says Preview Your Book.  Once everything is exactly how you want it add the book to your cart and checkout!! ENJOY YOUR NEW BLOG BOOK!! —Becky—

Click HERE to start your blog book!!

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