How to add ‘you might also like’ to blog posts

There is only a few easy steps if you would like to add ‘You might also like:’ to the bottom of every post. Why would you want this on your blog? This is a great way for people to see previous posts that they might otherwise not have stumbled upon!! You will get more traffic and more people viewing your other blog posts! This is what it will look like when you are finished!

1.  Go to the website and fill out the area you see circled below.

2.  It will then take you to the follow page:

3. Follow the easy steps and you will not have ‘You might also like’ to the bottom of every post!



    • Hi Barbara,
      It is just a random pick that will come up. They usually choose something will similar content or match key words in the post. As far I as I know you cannot choose what post shows up. –Becky

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