How to personalize Facebook Timeline Cover (Aug. 2013)

I love that you can edit your Facebook timeline cover to make it unique! If you have not seen our cute free Facebook timeline covers you can check them out HERE.  Now that you have a cover it is fun to add a picture and text!  I did a easy step by step tutorial on how to do this!

1.) Open up your photo editing program.  In this tutorial I used a free program called Pixlr.  Choose ‘Open Pixlr editor (Advanced)’.

2.) Next choose ‘Open Image from computer’.  Find the Facebook timeline cover you saved from our site that you want to edit (or your own cover) and open the image. 

3.)   Next you will want to open the picture you want to add to your Facebook cover.   Go to ‘File’ and ‘Open Image’.  For my sample I am adding two picture to my cover.


4.)  You can see in the sample below the first picture I am going to add to my cover is in the upper right hand corner under ‘Background’.  Left click the picture and hold it down, then drag it onto your timeline cover.

5.)  Your picture will most likely be HUGE and you will want to scale it down.  Click on ‘Edit’ and ‘Free transform’.

6.)  While holding down the Shift key (this is important so your picture does not get distorted) left click on the blue box in the upper left hand corner of your picture.  Now slowly shrink your picture down to the size you want and drag it wherever you want it placed onto your Facebook cover.  If you are adding another picture repeat the last couple steps.

7.)  To add text to your cute Facebook timeline cover you will need to click on the ‘A’ button on the left of your screen.

8.) Once you click on the ‘A’ click on your timeline cover.  A box will pop up for you to type  your text and you can change the font size, color and style to make it cute!  When you are finished click OK.  If you need to drag the text to a different position go to ‘Edit’ and ‘Free Transform’.  Then you can click on your text to move it around.

9.)  Last step! Go to ‘File’ and ‘Save’.   Click OK and you are finished!  Now all you need to do is upload your saved image to your Facebook! Leave a comment and let us know how it turned out for you:)!


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