How to remove colored box covering top of blog background

I’ve seen these fabulous blogs out there, but they have the blue box at the top of their blog that stretches out over the top half of their blog background.  I decided to do a easy tutorial on how to remove this blue box that is covering your blog background!

You can see in the image below what I am talking about…

It is because you have the ‘Simple’ template on your blog.  You will want to change it to the ‘picture window’ template.  Go to your ‘Layout’ page and click on the blue ‘Template Designer’.

You will notice the ‘Simple’ Template is selected on your blog.  All you have to do is change it to the ‘Picture Window’ template.  You will not loose any info on your blog.  Preview your blog below and make sure you like the new look.  Then click ‘Apply to Blog’ in the upper right hand corner to save your changes!  If you want to remove the transparent background that is covering your center post area follow this TUTORIAL.  If you would like to change the width of your blog to fit within the white space of your blog background follow this TUTORIAL.



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