How to remove border around posts (Aug. 2012)

When using the Picture Window template you will notice a border around all your posts. In this tutorial I will show you how to remove the border in just a couple easy steps!

You will see in the image below a light gray border around my post area.

1.) Go to your ‘Template’ page and ‘Edit HTML’ and then ‘Proceed’.

2.)  Hit Ctrl F to bring up a search box.  Insert “.post-outer” to the search box.  It will bring you to the following code:

.post-outer {
  background-color: $(post.background.color);
  border: solid 1px $(post.border.color);

All you need to do now is change the 1 to the number 0.  It will now look like the image below.

3.) Preview and if everything looks good then go ahead and save! You blog will now look like this:

-To remove the transparent image behind your entire post and sidebar area, follow this tutorial.
-To remove the gray box at the bottom of your blog, follow this tutorial.
-You will notice there is still a white box behind every post.  To remove the white box that is behind all your posts, follow this tutorial.
-To remove the border that is around all your posts, follow this tutorial.
-To adjust the width of your posts and sidebars so they don’t hang off the center part of your background, follow this tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!! Leave a comment and let us know how your blog turned out:)!


    • Robin, are you using the picture window template? I just tested the tutorial and it works….I can’t view your blog. If you want to send your blog address I can take a look:) –Becky

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