How to remove shadow or border around entire Picture Window template (Dec. 2012)



With the picture window template you will notice a shadow or a border line that is around your entire template.  I think a blog looks more professional without that shadow or border line.  Some blogs (like the example below) you may just see a faint gray border around your template.  Other blogs I’ve seen a large shadow that surrounds the template.  This tutorial will show you how to remove that shadow or border around your picture window template.

1.  Go to your ‘Template’ page and click on ‘Edit HTML’.   Click on ‘Proceed’.

2.  Hit Ctrl F to bring up a search box.  Paste this into the search box:
<Variable name=”content.shadow.spread”  It will bring you to a code that looks similar
to this:
<Variable name=”content.shadow.spread” description=”Content Shadow Spread” type=”length” default=”40px” value=”40px”/>

3.  Change the number within this part of the code (value=”40px”/>)  to 0.  You can see in the example below my number was a 3.   Whatever your number is next to value replace it with 0.  Preview and if everything looks good go ahead and Save!








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