How to add a Pinterest widget to blog or website

This tutorial will show you how to display your Pinterest pins on your blog or website.  You can display this widget on your sidebar to make it easy for your follows to find your pins!

1.  Go to the Pinterest Widget Builder page found HERE.  For this example I am choosing the ‘Board Widget’ to show up on my blogger sidebar.  Click on ‘Board Widget’ and then paste in the URL for what board you want to show up on your sidebar.  Next click on ‘Sidebar’.  This will give you a standard size widget for your sidebar.  OR you can choose ‘Roll Your Own’.  I like this option so you can customize it to fit your sidebar (see the second picture).

2.  In this example I used the ‘Roll Your Own’ option.  Just fill in the numbers for how you would like the Pinterest board to look on your sidebar.  
3.  Once you have your board just how you want it, scroll down to copy the code in the box.

4.  Go to your blogs Layout page.  Click on ‘Add a Gadget’.  Click on the plus sign next to HTML/JavaScript.  Paste your Pinterest code in this box and save.

The final look of your Pinterest board widget on your blog sidebar!


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